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At Conscious Legal, we assist our business clients by:

Integrating strategic legal strategy with social, moral, and spiritual values

Counseling on proper entity selection and formation, and educating and assisting with proper maintenance after the entity is formed

Drafting well thought out and straight-forward legal documents that reflect the expectations, values, and goals of the parties

Avoiding legal disputes with employees, clients, and customers, and finding win-win situations when conflict arises

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin

At Conscious Legal, we follow a value-based pricing model that provides clarity, certainty and affordability upfront. Before even discussing fees, we always consult with you to discuss your particular needs, goals, and budget. We will then work you to create a customized legal package that fits within your budget and expectations, and will never surprise you with a hefty legal bill after the fact.

Starting a new business in California involves more than simply coming up with a concept. The first step in successfully starting a business is to select and form the entity that best fits your needs and values.

Our flat-fee entity formation and counseling package includes all the tools and education you need to get your company started on the right foot. We will help you select and form the proper entity for your business, create your digital company records book, and provide ongoing counseling and education to keep your business on track.

When most business owners think of contracts, they think of archaic sounding legal documents filled with indecipherable jargon that only the lawyers understand.  We’ve been trained in drafting Conscious Contracts – integrative legal agreements that reflect the values, purpose and mission of our clients, and serve as the vehicle for developing successful business relationships.

Our contracts are written in straight-forward language and promote cooperation rather than a power struggle. They include terms to anticipate and navigate bumps in the road as they arise, and seek to prevent those bumps from becoming full-fledged disputes. Rather than focusing on gaining an edge in contract negotiation, we focus on fostering an environment of trust from the get-go, and creating a “win-win” perspective between the contracting parties.

As your Conscious Business Lawyer, my goal is to serve as your trusted legal advisor, teammate, counselor and friend. We integrate strategic legal analysis with a holistic, values-driven approach to doing business in California, and help you create your strategy for success.

When legal questions and issues naturally arise, I’ll be there to provide the answers and support you need. I’ll also be there through every stage as your business develops, and provide the day-to-day advice and counseling you need to help you achieve your vision.

My background and experience in business litigation has primed me to help you avoid disputes before they arise. However, when a dispute cannot be avoided, I respond firmly and appropriately to protect your interests, and to keep you out of court or arbitration.

Rather than focusing on “winning” at all costs (which we know from experience are many!) I develop cooperative strategies to address disputes that keep your values and principles in mind. I’m certainly not afraid of the fight (and we fight with integrity when necessary!), but I prefer to use my wisdom and experience to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

California’s enactment of the Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act drastically changed the cannabis industry forever. California is now in the midst of implementing a complex web of state and local regulations with which all cannabis business owners must comply if they wish to remain viable.

 We provide a one-stop-shop for your cannabis business legal needs including entity selection and formation, zoning and permitting issues, lease negotiation, employment matters, intellectual property issues, local and state licensing, and compliance. We provide clarity and guidance in a regulatory system that seems to change daily.

You’ve worked hard to develop your business, and a succession plan is probably the furthest thing on your mind. However, conscious business owners know that it’s never too early to think about the end game! We assist our clients in creating customized succession and estate plans for all types of business owners and families, so that you are in control of what happens when you are no longer in charge.

While it’s important for every small business owner to create a solid succession and estate plan, it’s absolutely imperative for business owners with families and children. We will educate you on when it’s appropriate to create a Revocable Living Trust as part of your plan, and provide all the documents you need so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Hiring employees in California is a complicated matter! There are a myriad of California and federal employment laws that employers must understand and comply with to avoid costly mistakes.

We help our business clients correctly hire, pay, and incentivize employees to build ongoing and successful relationships. We assist in risk mitigation when it comes time to end an employment relationship, and spot potential problem areas to avoid employment disputes before they arise. If a dispute with an employee does arise, we develop a response strategy that focuses on achieving a win-win solution and mitigating potential damage.

Regardless of the type of business or clients served, every entrepreneur has to understand and operate within a complex legal structure. We offer customized legal packages to help conscious entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and disputes, serve their clients and communities, and protect the businesses they’ve worked hard to develop.

We will help you choose the right entity for your business, protect the brand and work product you’ve created, manage risk and liability, and develop successful relationships with the right people to springboard success. You have a vision and a higher purpose, and we will help you lay the foundation to achieve it.


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