Estate Planning for Business Owners & Families

Avoid court and conflict, keep your affairs private, and ensure your wishes are carried out.

About Alanna’s Mission

A Top Estate Planning Attorney for Your Needs

You love your family, and want to make sure things are as easy as possible for them, no matter what happens. You want to pass on what you've worked hard for your whole life, and do it in a way that is filled with ease and grace.

Your wealth isn’t measured just by the size of your bank account, but by the wellbeing and care of the people you leave behind.

You may be single, married, just getting started in your career, or looking back on a life well lived. The one common denominator is that you truly and deeply care about the people in your life. We'll help you make things as easy as possible for them, so they'll always know how much you cared.

How Estate Planning Can Help


Manage Your Legal Affairs

Take charge of your legal life planning so the money and property you leave behind are inherited by individuals you identified, distributed according to your wishes, and protected for generations.


Grant Authority

We ensure your wishes are continuously honored and the people YOU (and not a court) designate, make health and personal care decisions on your behalf, in the event you are incapacitated.


Protect Your Valuables

Avoid years of litigation and expenses from a drawn out court process that would make life difficult for your family and others you cherish. Simplify matters and give yourself serenity.


Create a Succession Plan

Designing a succession or continuity plan involves passing on more than just money. Our attorneys will construct your preferred plan so you can leave behind a true legacy of love.

How It Works

Family Wealth Planning

1. Family Wealth Planning Session

We’ll get acquainted, review your current circumstances, identify your goals and concerns, and design a plan together to be sure that everything will happen exactly how you want.

2. Plan Review Meeting

Congratulations, your legal documents are ready to be signed! At your Plan Review Meeting, we'll present each document, review what it means, and remind you why you made your selections. We'll also make sure you're ready to get them signed and notarized. From that point forward, your family and assets are protected.

It's a big moment! Champagne optional. ;)

Plan Review Meeting
Final Meeting

3. Final Meeting

During our Final Meeting, we'll ensure your assets are titled correctly, and review the letters we've prepared to send to the people named for important roles in your plan.

Then, we'll focus on capturing your most valuable asset – your insights, values, stories, and experiences.

You'll record your Legacy Interview with us – the first of many you're invited to record and add to your online Legacy Library. We capture the unique things that make you, "you," so they can be preserved and passed on to those you love.

4. Continuous Document Review

We'll meet on an annual (VIP Members) or tri-annual (included in all our plans) basis, to ensure your plan stays up to date as your life, assets, and the law change. We're also available at no additional cost for calls and emails about your estate plan, to ensure it will work when your family needs it most.

Continuous Document Review


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I was looking for an experienced estate planning attorney who could thoroughly explain all of the many options to me about how to plan for my future, and that of my clients. Alanna is not only thorough but thoughtful, and approaches things with a holistic explanation and all of the options to fully plan for the future. I recommend her highly!
Tristen C. - Del Mar
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Free Estate Planning Guide

Free Estate Planning Guide

Our free guide helps you save valuable time and money by avoiding common mistakes when selecting an estate planning attorney.

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