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Alanna Pearl’s business and estate planning practice focuses on helping individuals and small business owners enhance their lives today and secure their futures tomorrow. She excels in guiding her clients through the often confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to ensure the well-being of their businesses and families and assist in the accomplishment of cherished goals. Whether you are married or single, with a traditional family or blended, just starting out in your career or looking back on a life well- lived, Alanna will help you achieve your goals today and for years to come.

Alanna graduated in the top 10% of her law school class from University of San Diego in 2007, and began her legal career in business litigation working with several prestigious  law firms in San Diego. Although Alanna enjoyed a successful career as a litigation attorney, she ultimately became disillusioned with what she was seeing. She wanted to serve as a counselor for her clients in the true sense of the word, guiding them to make strategic decisions in business and life and serving as their trusted advisor and lifetime lawyer. For this reason, Alanna founded Conscious Legal in 2018 – a full service law firm serving individuals, families and small business owners throughout California.

Alanna’s mission is to use her top-notch legal and counseling skills to empower her clients, helping them to plan properly and create a firm foundation to reach higher ground. As part of her business law and estate planning practice, Alanna dedicates much of her time towards educating her community on issues related to asset protection, the Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax (“LIFT”) issues related to running a small business, and creating and preserving a lasting legacy.

Originally from New Jersey, Alanna relocated to San Diego in 2004 and is an avid skier and music lover.

Liz Roberts, Client Services Director


It was August, 2004 when I moved to San Diego after graduating from University of Vermont. Shortly after moving to Encinitas, I started my career teaching Special Education preschool. After finishing my Master’s in Special Education and becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I worked with children with special needs in the public school setting, in private homes, in the clinic setting, and at Rady Children’s Hospital.

When I learned about how my best friend, Attorney Alanna Pearl, was creating a law firm, Conscious Legal, to work with conscious small business owners and families, I quickly saw the value we could provide as a team.  I still work with families with children with special needs providing ABA services on a part-time basis, but my main focus now is providing a customized and personal experience to Conscious Legal’s clients, and being someone they can call on when in need. 

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helping business owners achieve higher ground

Instead of the “bottom line,” we help our conscious business owner clients focus on the triple bottom line – People, Profits, and the Planet. Making money is a wonderful thing, and our clients use the vehicle of their business to make money and achieve their higher purpose. It’s a win-win-win situation for our clients, their employees, customers, clients, families, communities, and the world at large.

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